Eating Disorder Treatment: How to Avoid Overeating and Stay Slim

July 30, 2009 at 6:10 am Leave a comment

Many people struggle with overeating, binges, and eating when bored.  As a holistic nutrition counselor, I have found that many of my clients suffer from these problems because on a daily basis they are ignoring the needs of their body.  Our bodies are built to digest food (breaking it down into smaller components) and extract necessary nutrients.  If we are living solely on sugar, processed carbohydrates (like white flour), and packaged products like many of us, we are ingesting very little nutrients.

If I gave a client a large box of chocolate chip cookies containing exactly his or her recommended caloric intake for the day and told him or her to eat only these cookies that day, it is likely the client would finish the box and still crave something else.  The reason for this is that the chocolate chip cookies contain little nutrients therefore his/her body will seek out missing nutrients.

If you are looking to avoid overeating, lose weight or seeking treatment for an eating disorder, it is very important that you understand which food and drink your body needs in order to thrive.


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